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Dozens of Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day

Recipes, gifts, cards and more ideas to make Mom feel special

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Published on: April 27, 2021

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Moms, we know you’re in desperate need of some pampering — and you deserve it! — but sometimes the family needs a little help (or nudge) when it comes to ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day. From a heavenly breakfast to handmade cards and stellar self-care products, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up our best Mother’s Day celebration ideas right here — simply share this article with your family and let them do the rest. 

Start with a sweet breakfast…

Cook up some sophisticated pancakes with this blueberry lemon ricotta recipe from The Spruce Eats. These treats are sweet, zesty, tangy — and certain to make Mom go mmmm! Looking for something even more indulgent? Check out our entire list of pancake variations. 

…or a savory brunch.

If a savory brunch is more to Mom’s taste, try this “everything” bagel breakfast strata from Running to the Kitchen. It’s an easy recipe requiring minimal prep, which means more quality time to spend as a family. If the strata doesn’t appeal to her, find more unique brunch recipes in our roundup of last-minute recipes

Create a thoughtful DIY gift

Moms love flowers. Why not make her a bouquet that will last forever? These clever tissue-paper blooms are an easy craft project for young kids and don’t require too many materials — win-win! Get the details plus more ideas in our handmade-gift guide

Turn your home into a spa

With many pandemic limitations still in place, you’ll have to get a little creative. Turn the shower into a relaxing oasis with these aromatherapy shower steamers — just make sure Mom has a cozy robe and slippers waiting for her when she gets out! You can find plenty more pampering ideas in our self-care products guide

Give her the gift of alone time

Sometimes true pampering just means giving Mom some alone time. Our guide to simple relaxation tips for parents provides more than 40 ideas for simple self-care, from gratitude journaling to yoga to sipping her favorite tea. 

Make her a card

Engage the kids in arts and crafts that can double as a charming Mother’s Day card! Celery-stamp flowers, fingerprint hearts and 3D folded cards are sure to warm Mom’s heart. Check out our full list of card crafts to pick out the perfect one. 

Bake her a sweet treat

Don’t forget about dessert! We think these no-bake lemon cookie truffles from Six Sisters’ Stuff are a unique sweet that Mom will love. Want more Mother’s Day dessert inspiration? We have a whole list of super-simple recipes that kids can make using shortcut ingredients. 

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