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9 Ways to Be an At-Home Superhero

Channel the power of Earth Day all year long

Published on: March 30, 2018

Girl planting

Reuse plastic bags. And we don’t just mean the grocery store kind. Wash out those Ziplocs! 

Move the fridge. Putting your fridge in direct sunlight forces it to work harder to stay cool. Try a shadier spot.    

Microwaves matter. They use 50 percent less energy than a conventional oven.  

Try vinegar. It’s a natural way to kill germs. Drop in some lemon oil to cut the smell.

Lose the leaks. They’re seriously wasteful (both of water and of money).    

Keep it cold. When it comes to laundry, opt for cold water. Your clothes won’t mind. Plus, it saves you money.   

Compost. Compost. Compost. 

Opt for glass, ceramic or silicone dishes. They’ll make cooking more efficient.  

Grow a plant. Not only do they look good, plants help purify the air around you.   

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