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Educational toys as seen on KING TV

Published on: December 15, 2008


  • O-Balls
    by Oballs. $8-17. Easy to squish, soft for infants.  Can play catch
    with infant; teaches motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Babies
    like to teeth on it.  PVC and Latex free.  Can be put into dishwasher. 

2 year+

  • Plan
    Toys fruit.  $16. Wooden fruit has velcro so when child "cuts" it the
    noise is realistic. Plan Toys is a "green" company.  The fruit is made
    of rubberwood once the rubberwood tree stops producing.
  • Toddler
    Tote by Laurie. $16. Stacking pegs crepe, colorful puzzles.  Teaches
    concentration, fine motor skills, color & shape recognition.  Lots
    of fun in a small carrying case. Works for restaurants and traveling.

3 year+

  • Take
    apart Plane and Take apart Crane Truck by Battat. $ 26.50. Use your
    cordless drill motor to .... well... take it apart and put it back
    together. Also comes in a crane truck.


  • Your
    Body Puzzle by Belzac/HaPe. $24. A wooden multi-layer puzzle allows you
    to go from clothes to skin to organs to bones and back. Both girls and
    boys are available.
  • Eye Can Art.  $25.  Seattle-based, women
    owned company. Everything you need for an art project in a can.
     Projects tested in classrooms first.  Also available in Wax Drawing
    kit, Book in a Box kit, Sumi-e kit.

6 years+ 

  • Root
    Beer Kit. $27.50/ $8 refills. Makes two gallons of root beer.  Good
    science project for the entire family.  Why do you need yeast?  So much
    sugar?  Where does the carbonation come from?  Takes about three days
    to ferment.  Good tasting; a bit like Thomas Kemper.
  • Mad Libs. $3.99.  Good and entertaining way to learn the parts of speech.  Good price.

Toys shows on the Parent to Parent segment are courtesy of Toys that Teach, Bothell.

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