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Empathy and Education: Cultivating Compassion Skills in Children

Published on: August 31, 2012

September, 2012 - Compassion and Education

Putting Compassion in Action

September, 2012 - ParentMap newsmagazineWhen parents, teachers and experts talk about education, what typically come up are subjects like reading, writing, arithmetic. But research shows that growing the heart is key to the development of an altruistic, empathetic, kind human being.

Our resource-rich September cover feature story explores the Charter for Compassion, which seeks to literalize the Golden Rule, not simply as a statement of principle, but as a summons to people and educators all over the world to take creative, practical, and sustained action to create a just economy and a more peaceful world.
As our children's first and most important teacher, we as parents know that modeling compassion starts at home. ParentMap invites readers to join in our month-long focus on compassion — each day through this portal and our Facebook page we will be sharing new ideas and practices parents can incorporate into their daily family lives and school communities to cultivate compassion in themselves and in their children.  

The Golden Rule Goes to School: Compassion in Education

Kids touching hands

Changing the World Through Empathy and Education

Children are often told in a tone of reprimand by parents and teachers: “How would you feel if they did that to you?” It is essentially the photo negative of the Golden Rule (“do unto others …”). What if that message evolved into a positive set of values, then fused into lesson plans, group activities and a school ethos?

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Guide to Compassion in Media

 Kids reading

Media Guide: Books and Movies That Breed Kindness

It's fine to say that we hope to teach our children compassion. But how do we do that on a regular basis? By being aware of how our children's media ranks when it comes to passing on the right messages, we can increase their exposure to lessons about kindness and friendship, compassion and empathy. We've compiled a broad guide, broken down by age groups, to help introduce you to some incredible stories that deliver amazing messages.

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K Is for Kindness: Parenting Compassion Skills


Raising Empathy

Raising a Global Citizen: 4 Step to Start

Nurturing Kids’ Character and Conscience

Teaching Kindness and Empathy to Children

E Is for Emotional and Social Learning Skills

Tantrumy boy

Positive Discipline

Seven Tools for Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline for Teens

Ten Life Skills for Teens





Mindful parenting

Mindful Parenting

Secure Attachment: The Best Gift That You Can Give Your Child

G Is for Getting to Calm Skills for Parents

Calming Family Battles with Reflective Parenting

Teen Volunteering

Being a Giving Family

What Kids Gain by Giving Back

Creating a Family Spirit of Giving

Volunteering with Kids

SEE: Family Guide to Volunteering





Featured Topics: Bullying

Girl being bullied

Parenting Essentials to Prevent and Address Bullying

In this must-watch lecture, national anti-bullying educator Rosetta Lee discusses the warning signs of bullying and offers pragmatic guidance and tools for parents to address bullying issues.

Watch full lecture video | Read Q&A with Rosetta Lee




Bullying Articles

Teaching Kids How to Stand Up to Bullies

Is Your Child a Bully?

Can Preschoolers Be Bullies?

30 Books to Help Children Deal with Bullying

Online Safety for Kids: Danger on the Digital Playground


Envy, Rumors and Lies: Helping Your Teen Cope with Bullies

Helping Your Daughter Survive the Mean Girls

Handling Sexual Harassment at School: Are They Doing Enough?

Social Media Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

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