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7 Fantastic Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

V-Buck Cookies, Campfire Cake and Chug Jugs are the perfect fuel for a Fortnite party

Published on: January 17, 2023


If your kids are battling monsters (or each other) in Fortnite, a game-themed birthday party will take the fight to the next level. Decorate with a Llama piñata, serve up sugar cookie V-Bucks and Campfire Cake — and, of course, have a live-action battle with Nerf guns. Read on for a party your gamer won’t soon forget!

1. Campfire cake

Campfire cake will be a perfect addition to any Fortnite party (who doesn’t love chocolate cake and roasted marshmallows?!) Check out the step-by-step instructions on the Surviving on a Teacher’s Salary blog!

 2. V-Buck cookies

Serve V-Buck cookies to your crowd by baking (or buying) regular sugar cookies and decorating them. You can make this project as easy or involved as you like, but slice-n-bake sugar cookies, canned frosting and blue gel frosting will look and taste great. Check out this blog post from Mom on the Side for tips to make this super easy recipe. 

3. Medic bandages

In every epic battle, someone gets hurt! Rice Krispie Treats decorated to look like the coveted medic bandages will be a hit on your snack table. Bonus points for serving these up in a treasure chest. See how blogger Lisa of Mom on the Side blog did it.

4. Target practice

Set up some targets and hand out Nerf guns to give your party guests some live action training. This savvy party host at Catch My Party used a stepladder to set up tin can targets and used paper plates as targets. Other ideas: Stick paper plates painted with bullseyes to a fence or set up tin can pyramid around the yard or garage. 

5. Llama pinatas

Fill this Fortnite Llama pinata with up to six pounds of loot and you have a real-life supply drop! Use as decor or let the gamers loot it to fill those goody bags. Either way, the llama will be a hit.

6. Supply drop bags

Of course, you have to use loot boxes as goodie bags for a Fortnite party. You could purchase these boxes on Amazon or we’ve also seen lots of bloggers just write “Loot” on bags instead of buying party bags.

7. Party pack

This package offers 100 pieces, including banner decorations, balloons, cups, flags and more. 

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2018 and updated in 2023.

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