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Free Pagliacci Pizza Slices Today

Hometown pizza fave to give out free slices today, Oct. 5

Nancy Chaney

Published on: October 04, 2018

Free Pagliacci Pizza slices

Eastsiders, take note. Hot on the peels (get it?) of free slices at two of Pagliacci Pizza's Seattle shops this summer, it's now your turn.

The popular local chain is doling out free pizza slices Friday to celebrate the opening of its new Samammish store. Free food! And kid-friendly and tasty, to boot!

On Friday, Oct. 5, from 4–8 p.m., Pagliacci will hand out free slices — max two per person — at its new restaurant on the Sammamish Plateau. As with any free food offer, we recommend showing up early and packing a festive attitude in case of a wait. The shop officially opens for business on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Founded in 1979, Pagliacci is a local family favorite, with many of its 25 Seattle- and Eastside-area outlets serving slices that make for a quick and easy dinner — even when you have to eat in the car.

Over the years Pagliacci Pizza has been voted a Seattle favorite in many polls, including ParentMap's Golden Teddy awards.

One note for newcomers: It's pronounced "paul - ee - ah - chee" — the "g" is silent because it's Italian. And the word "Pagliacci" means "clowns."

Tonight's dinner? Solved.

Find Pagliacci's new Sammamish store in the Saffron Center at 22830 N.E. 8th St., Suite 101, Sammamish.

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