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Shop Grocery Outlet Like a Pro

Tips and tricks to make the most of your next trip to the bargain market

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: May 15, 2024

purchases from Grocery Outlet bargain market
Bargains are plentiful at Grocery Outlet

I love a deal. My wallet is full of loyalty cards and thrift stores are always my first stop when I need something “new.” So it might not come as a surprise that I love Grocery Outlet bargain market.

From surprising flavors of cereal and candy, to premium bottles of olive oil and wine, to the best deals on Band-Aids in town, I always walk away with my bags filled with treasures and my wallet happy. Considering how everyday costs are continuing to climb, Grocery Outlet is not only enjoyable, it’s practical.

Here are my top bargain shopping tips so anyone can shop at Grocery Outlet like a pro.

Make Grocery Outlet your first stop

Is Grocery Outlet always my only stop when shopping? No. But is it my first? You bet. Since the inventory changes frequently, you never know what bargains you’ll find but it’s always worth looking. If staples like laundry soap, shampoo, cotton balls and crackers are on your list, hit Grocery Outlet first. These items are always in stock and you will likely find some great deals.

"toiletries at Grocery Outlet"
So many soaps, lotions and other items, Grocery Outlet should always be your first stop. 

Say goodbye to brand loyalty and hello to adventure

When you walk into Grocery Outlet, you must let your brand loyalties go. I understand the desire for a specific brand for some items (any brand other than Tillamook cheese is dead to my son), but looking for specific brands will lead to frustration at Grocery Outlet.

"Belly flops are irregular Jelly Belly and you can find them at Grocery Outlet"
A slightly different version of your favorite chewy candy can be found at Grocery Outlet.

If you absolutely must have a specific brand, are you open to a slightly different version? Maybe a new scent of your favorite body wash or laundry detergent? Individual packs of your kid’s favorite cereal rather than a box? You get it.

Buy all your toiletries at Grocery Outlet. Forever.

"toothbrushes for sale at Grocery Outlet"
I love to have some extra toothbrushes on hand and always pick them up at Grocery Outlet.

This is one of my top tips. You will be amazed at the selection of soaps, shampoos, lotions, first aid supplies, dental care and sunscreen. Everything is a great deal and if you only go to Grocery Outlet for these items, you won’t be sorry.

"First aid section at Grocery Outlet"
You can never have too many Band-Aids and other supplies, and Grocery Outlet will make sure you are ready for every scraped knee the summer can throw at you. 

Get ready to try some new things

My favorite thing about shopping at Grocery Outlet is also what I love about thrift stores—you never know what you’ll find. My mom is a seasoned Grocery Outlet shopper and her favorite thing to look for is fancy bottles of olive oil. From coconut to canola, she said it’s the only place she buys oil since she can always find great deals.

"Coconut oil at Grocery outlet"
Looking for a giant container of organic coconut oil? Grocery Outlet has you covered. 

Since prices are low, it’s a great place to experiment with some new flavors or items. Odd flavors of candy, chips and cereal are plentiful. While they might not always be the healthiest options, a sponge cake-inspired breakfast cereal might be just the thing to breathe a little life into a morning when getting ready for school is a struggle.

"Swiss roll cereal at Grocery Outlet"
Swiss Rolls cereal, gross or amazing? Let you kids decide! 

But if organic is your thing, fear not! Grocery Outlet has as impressive amount of natural and organic products, which they label as NOSH (natural, organic, specialty, healthy). Products range from canned goods to dried fruit and snack items.

"organic raisins at Grocery Outlet"
You can find plenty of organic items at Grocery Outlet. 

It’s no secret that the beer and wine section of Grocery Outlet is expansive and excellent. Have I bought things that were undrinkable? Sure have. But, I’ve also discovered delicious bottles of wine and my favorite non-alcoholic beer is almost always in stock.

"Bee and Wine section at Grocery outlet"
Find a new favorite!

Look no further for unique and fun gifts

When I need to find items to fill the Christmas stocking for my kids and nieces, Grocery Outlet is my first stop. I find plenty of treats and also odd little items like a pen with a fidget spinner on top (which may or may not be currently sitting on my desk). On my most recent trip, I found a blanket with the Chutes and Ladders game printed on it, complete with giant game pieces. A blanket that’s also a game, I love it!

"Blanket board game at Grocery Outlet"
It’s a blanket. It’s a board game. It’s both!

There was also an impressive selection of gigantic water bottles that hold up to 17 cups of water and carafes that hold an entire bottle of wine. You will also find toys and plenty of summer fun, including small inflatable pools and floats, and a large selection of garden decorations and accessories.

"Water bottles at Grocery Outlet"
Keep yourself hydrated with these gigantic water bottles at Grocery Outlet.

There’s an app for that

Download the Grocery Outlet app to see deals at your local market and get digital offers and coupons (I have one right now that will save me $5 on my next purchase of $25 or more). If you scan the QR code, or enter your phone number at checkout, you will be entered in a daily drawing where one lucky shopper will “win what they saved” while shopping.

Embrace the adventure, save some money and have fun shopping at the best bargain market in town, Grocery Outlet.

"Cookie dough flavored Twix"
Cookie dough filling offers a new twist on Twix at Grocery Outlet.

Editor’s note: All images are credited to the author.

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