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Happy Pi Day! Celebrate with These 7 Delicious Pie Recipes

Published on: December 30, 2013

1211_cherrypie_rotatorIn honor of 3-14-12 -- what's not to like about Pi Day? -- we're providing a handful of our favorite pie recipes. And hey, don't be selfish. Share yours, too!

From Jen Betterley

- Every year during the holidays my better half makes this delicious cheddar-crusted apple pie, from Kate Lebo's fantastic all-pie-all-the-time blog, Good Egg. It's a great dessert for those who need just the tiniest bit of savory taste while eating sweets (a.k.a me!). And as a tip for fellow Seattleites, Lebo offers up an amazing pie stand with a variety of slices in front of her Ballard home throughout the warmer months. Learn about upcoming dates on Lebo's newest pie-lovin' blog, Pie-Scream.

And what would a pie round-up be without including Seattle favorite pastry queen, Kate McDermott? Voted as the "Food Rock Star of the Year" By Seattle Magazine in 2010, McDermott's Seattle pie-making classes draw in crowds from all over the world. She's rolled dough with the likes of Ruth Reichl (goosebumps!) and is commonly called, "The Pie Whisperer" for her amazingly sweet talents. As for her recipes, we've got two goodies to share: her shaker lemon pie (which took home the top honor in the 2011 Seattle Pie Slam), and the recipe for her mouthwatering rhubarb pie that she shared with us last spring.

From Patty Lindley

raisin-pie- Martha Stewart's Raisin Pie: My mother used to make raisin pie (from a recipe of her mother's) when I was growing up. I remember the first time she made it for us, I was more than skeptical about how it would taste. I scoffed and then was converted in one bite. It turns out that raisin pie, while perhaps humble in origin and ultra-basic in ingredients, tastes amazingly flavorful and decadent.

After I moved to Seattle, I searched for raisin pie recipes, but those I found never seemed to hit the same homey spot. Until I tried this recipe (originally published in Martha's magazine; I probably still have the ripped out recipe tucked somewhere in the folds of one of my cookbooks). As one commenter states, MS' Raisin Pie does "taste like Fall and Heaven combined."

From Elisa Murray

- This berry pie with a rye crust from 101 Cookbooks is excellent, with the crust nicely balancing all the sweet-tartness of the berries.

- At the end of the day, I still love an apple pie best of all, and am always searching for a better recipe. My current favorite is this one from Smitten Kitchen, in part because it includes Deb's trademark commentary -- this time on how she succumbed to a recipe with shortening. (It's worth reading her post a year later about her experiment with vodka pie dough -- heard of that?)

- And honestly, I'm still searching for the perfect pie dough recipe. Ideas?

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