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I'll have the $15 pack of Goobers...Redmond Town Center to get posh new theater

Published on: December 30, 2013

I love it! Redmond is about to get a new movie theater - that charges $35 for a seat! Of course, that seat is a posh recline-o-luxe arm chair with buttons to call for "help" when the urge for a cocktail - or a gourmet snack - strikes. Plus, there are only a few dozen seats in each auditorium, so no more seat-kicking or smelling of the person next to you. And you don't even have to park your own car! But you'll pay extra for all that.

The new Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinema will open in Redmond Town Center next fall. The company that's bringing us this desperately-needed luxury already operates similar theaters (oh - I believe at $35 a ticket they're called "theatres") in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Yahoo News reports they're planning to open more than 50 theaters in the US in the next five years.

Fantastic! With all this worrying about the nasty stuff going down in China, the scary trends in the economy, humorous disregard of the American public's opinion by high-ranking elected officials, my own finances, etc., my husband and I love to catch a good escapist movie. We've just never spent $70 to see one.

Here's another thought: rent a movie, buy $25 worth of Tings and a good Shiraz, put the kids to bed, and really relax in luxury. Foot rub, no additional charge.

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