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Depot Park in Issaquah: A Train Lover’s Dream

Play all day at this underrated Eastside playground

Vicky McDonald

Published on: August 20, 2019


Depot Park in Issaquah is a true train lover’s dream. Not only are all the play structures train-themed, but the park itself is right next to a train museum! For a special occasion, you could hop on a real train for a family excursion.

Issaquah trolley
Issaquah Trolley. Photo by Vicky McDonald 

Depot Park is one of my family’s favorite Eastside parks. The playground is an underrated gem for parents and kids alike. Among the perks for parents: There’s a decent amount of parking, and it’s located right in downtown Issaquah, so you are just a short walk away from great places to eat and drink. 

One thing I particularly love about this playground is that it’s surrounded by trees. In the summer we get some nice shade while the kids play. In the fall, it’s a perfect place to kick crunchy autumn leaves. And in the spring it’s a glorious place to be. In the winter, well… the leaves are gone, but at least you are super close to a hot cup of coffee.

Play for all ages, especially tots

As for the playground itself, it’s got everything you need for all ages. My kids are a little risk-averse, so it’s the perfect safe place to experiment. 

For the younger set, there is a mini climbing wall and a play structure that looks like a train. On a recent visit, my kids were climbing aboard the train and clambering onto the slides. Others were happily sitting in the carriage and sticking their heads out the windows. 

Issaquah playground
Depot Park. Photo by Vicky McDonald

There are also a few simple mazes and games on the play structure for extra entertainment and learning. For the older set, there is a fun spider web climbing frame and a larger play structure with two slides and a climbing wall.

There is also a junior zip line that’s perfect for kids who are just getting used to the idea of zip-lining. It’s relatively small and easy to handle but still provides a thrill. For those who love to swing, there are two regular kid-sized swings and two baby swings. 

Issaquah park
Depot Park. Photo by Vicky McDonald

Dotted around the playground there are lots of picnic tables and park benches; handy if you plan to bring a snack or lunch. 

There is also a large playfield right beside the playground. On the day we went, some kids and grandparents were playing Frisbee on the grass. It’s a self-contained area, one where you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids if they choose to go running around the field. 

If you go...

Find it: Depot Park is located in downtown Issaquah at 2 E. Sunset Way.

Open hours: Dawn to dusk daily.

Facilities: Restrooms with flush toilets and sinks are located in the field opposite the park.

Parking: There are more than 50 spaces directly outside the park and hundreds more free parking spaces in downtown Issaquah. Some spots have a time restriction of 2 hours, so pay close attention to signs. 

Nearby places to eat: Just a short walk away, you’ll find Yum-e Yogurt which is a guaranteed kid- and parent-pleaser. This shop sells frozen yogurt, snacks, coffees, smoothies and drinks. They also have a gas fireplace, comfy chairs and a TV showing kids’ movies. This is the perfect place to go for a replenishing snack or to take refuge from the rain. Rogue Ales Issaquah Brewhouse is a great option for brunch, lunch or for an early dinner. It serves plenty of kid-friendly fare and has a selection of toys and board games to distract the tots.

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