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10 Best Bike Paths for Seattle-Area Kids on Wheels

Less crowded trails for bikes, balance bikes and scooters around Seattle and the Eastside

Kate Missine

Published on: April 13, 2021

10 Best Bike Paths for Seattle-Area Kids on Wheels

rainier trail
Rainier Trail. Credit Kate Missine

Rainier Trail, Issaquah

If trains are on your little one’s list of wheeled favorites, look no further than downtown Issaquah to chug alongside a slice of railway history. Running parallel to the former Lake Shore & Eastern Railway, Issaquah’s 2.5-mile Rainier Trail lets young riders practice their moves on the paved, minimal-traffic path or hop off and frolic on the real (inactive) railroad tracks at its southern side. Head north past Confluence Park towards the Darigold dairy plant; then come back for a tour of the Depot Museum with its historic engines and railroad exhibits.  

Post-cycling pit stop: Play at the train-themed Depot Park right next to the trail with its own mini chugger for little conductors; then grab some frozen yogurt at Yum-e Yogurt right around the corner.

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