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Lunch With Love: 10 Cool Lunch Box Notes

This back-to-school season, why not send your kiddos to school with a fun note in their lunch box? Here are 10 great ideas

Published on: August 27, 2015

Kids love nothing better than finding a note from mom or dad in their lunchboxes. Etsy has a dizzying array of innovative, fun notes — most for under five dollars a set! Choose from designs such as superhero, Seahawks, jokes, fun facts or music notes. Or make it even more fun by sending scratch-off notes, or even tucking your message inside of a “Lunch Lady!”


Photo credit: Lids Luv Lunch

A whale of a good time

Did you know that the blue whale’s tongue is so large, fifty people could stand on it? Well your kid will if you pack their lunch with these animal fact lunch notes! At the Etsy store KidsLuvLunch, choose from lunch note sets of 12 containing a variety of animal facts and jokes. Each colorful card is 2.5 by 2.5 inches and comes as an instant download.

Photo credit: Punkyprep


If you live with a little superhero, you will definitely want to check out Punkyprep’s Etsy shop! Purchase these superhero lunch notes and you receive a downloadable file that you can use as-is, or edit with Adobe reader. There is even a link to a YouTube video on how to edit these yourself. Super!

Photo credit: MandyBradyDesign

Personalize it

Nothing is better than a parent’s own handwriting on a lunchbox note. The Etsy shop MandyBradyDesign offers these blank, printable notes as an instant download. The cards are bordered with cute school symbols with just enough room for your message.

Photo credit: Amazar Creations

Lovely, lovey lunch notes

These pretty floral notes are perfect for the girl in your life. Not only are they a beautiful pattern, but these come in a unique, triangular envelope with a pink card inside. Get them at the Etsy shop Amazar Creations.

Photo credit: Littlemerriments

Musical minis 

Check out these musical mini envelopes! Each 3.5-by-2 ⅜ -inch envelope contains its own folded white notecard. The Etsy shop littlemerriments also has mini envelopes made from atlas pages. These will hit the right note for an older kid or spouse.

Photo credit: MyScratchoffs


Etsy shop MyScratchoffs makes these amazing scratch-off lunch notes. Each kit comes with 25 notes and stickers plus a sharpie pen. Simply write your message in the space provided then put the scratch-off sticker over the writing, and place a penny in the slot on the card. The recipient then uses the penny to scratch off the sticker and reveal the note.

Photo credit: Punkyprep


These blue and green Seahawks note from the Etsy shop Punkyprep will please any football fan. This is another instant download with text that is editable with Adobe reader. Or keep the text as is, with fun messages such as “Eat your lunch to run like Marshawn,” and “Hope today is a kick!”

Photo credit: Arigigi Pixel

An apple for your student

These downloadable apple notes from the Arigigi Pixel Etsy shop will add color to your student’s lunch. Write or type your text inside the apple silhouette. Available as square cards or 2.5 inch round stickers.

Photo credit: Tiny Clementine

Lunch pail pals

Your kids will love this lunch lady! These Lunch Box Pals from the Etsy shop TinyClementine will brighten any kid’s day! Lunch box pals are wooden peg people with a hollowed out core which makes the perfect nook for hiding little notes. These cute creations are fully customizable, if you don’t like Lunch Lady Abigail , choose a different pattern or appearance, even a superhero!

Photo credit: OutOfTheScrapbookBox

Playing tag

For another take on a lunch note, try these handmade tags from the Etsy shop OutOfTheScrapbookBox. Each set of 10 tags measures 3.5 by 2 inches and is made from heavy cardstock. Twine tops off these tags so that you can tie them onto a backpack or lunchbox if you wish. These are fully customizable too!

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