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Make Your Own Ice Cream! 7 Cool Products

Turn your kitchen into a creamery with these fantastic products for DIY ice cream

Published on: July 31, 2015

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Tovolo bug-pop molds

Want to turn your house into an ice creamery? Gadgets abound; here’s the cream of the crop. 

Bug-pop molds

For the junior (or teething) entomologist in training, Tovolo bug-pop molds create the perfect snack for a backyard adventure. $15 for 6.

Fruit chute

Make healthy soft-serve at home using 100 percent frozen fruits with the Yonanas Elite. Frozen fruit goes into the chute, and whipped goodness swirls out — in bulk. $99.

Play ball

A great activity for your next picnic or camping trip, the YayLabs! ice cream ball mixes up a quick pint after only 20 minutes of kicks, shakes and rolls. Ice and rock salt go in one end, ingredients go in the other. $35.

YayLabs! Ice cream ball

Single serving

For those who don’t like to share, Zoku personal ice cream makers make soft-serve sorbets, gelato, frozen yogurt and ice cream. The machine is easy to clean and only takes 10 minutes per batch. $26 each.


Zoku personal ice cream maker

Top-notch storage

Upgrade from flimsy, mismatched sets to Tovolo ice cream tubs. The simple design allows you to leverage the perfect scoop, and the tub size is just right for storing and stacking in cramped freezers. $15 each.

Tovolo ice cream tubs


The books

For a collection of 100 tried-and-true recipes, turn to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer. Salty caramel is a fan favorite, but the book offers several base recipes for ice cream and yogurt to let the family experiment pint after pint. $24.

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