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Your New Baby Has Arrived! Celebrate With a Sip and See Party

Introduce your bundle of joy with these ideas. Plus, tips for success

Sip and see parties are all the rage. Never heard of them? Typically hosted two to eight weeks after baby's arrival home, this Southern tradition is a low-key party or open house that gives family and friends an opportunity to meet baby. They're ideal for when this baby wasn't your first so you may not have had a shower.

These get-togethers are also a great way for parents to show off their new wonder without having to host guests for an extended period of time. Plus, the focus is squarely on baby (let's be honest, that's who everyone wants to see anyway). 

While you can certainly go all out, keeping things simple can be best — you've got a newborn after all! Serve champagne or an easy cocktail along with some light snacks. Then mingle with guests and give them time to say their proper hellos to the little one. Keep the flow like an open house, with guests coming and going as they please during the allocated time period.

Just as with baby showers, there are millions of sip and see themes and ideas. Click through for a few of our favorites.

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