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Offbeat Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Jokes, memes and more

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: May 02, 2023

Mom with daughter on her back looking at her and both laughing

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Everywhere you look, the same options seem to pop up as suggestions for what to do to celebrate Mom. And while some mothers will probably be thrilled with a spa day, a fancy brunch, jewelry or flowers, those things are not everyone’s idea of fun.

So, what else is there to do? I decided to ask a source that is known for being pretty smart, and is getting a lot of attention these days. That’s right, I consulted with humanity’s next step toward our ultimate potential or demise — AI. Specifically, ChatGPT. I asked my new chatbot friend for some funny ways to celebrate a slightly offbeat Mother’s Day, and here is what it suggested:

  1. Create a Mom meme collection: Collect funny memes or create your own memes related to moms and compile them into a personalized booklet or digital presentation. Share a laugh with your mom as you look through them together.

"Mom and daughter in super hero costumes"

  1. Have a Mom-and-child dress-up day: Dress up in matching outfits with your mom and take funny pictures together. You can choose themed costumes, wear funny hats or create a silly fashion show to showcase your creative ensembles.
  2. Write humorous and playful poetry: Compose funny poems or limericks dedicated to your mom’s unique quirks and qualities. Present them to her with a big smile, and enjoy the laughter they bring together.
  3. Create a Mom-themed comedy skit: Write and perform a short comedy skit with your family or friends, incorporating funny anecdotes and situations that your mom can relate to. Make sure to keep it lighthearted and full of humor.
  4. Play a prank: Plan a harmless and playful prank that will make your mom laugh. It could be something simple, such as a fake spider or a hidden whoopee cushion. Just be sure to choose a prank that your mom will find amusing and not too startling. Editor’s note: As a mom, this is the only suggestion I am not wild about. But I’m sure there are plenty of prank-loving moms out there!
  5. Host a Mom joke contest: Encourage everyone in the family to come up with their best mom jokes and have a friendly competition. Take turns sharing the jokes and see who can make your mom laugh the hardest
  6. Create a “Mom’s Fun Facts” presentation: Gather amusing and interesting facts about your mom and create a slideshow presentation. Include funny childhood stories, embarrassing moments or unique talents she possesses. 
  7. Watch a comedy show or movie marathon: Spend the day watching funny movies or stand-up comedy shows that your mom enjoys. Share a good laugh together while enjoying some quality entertainment.

I must say, these are some pretty fun ideas! If you are celebrating a mom with a well-developed funny bone, try out one or more of these for a fun and memorable day.

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