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5 Cheap Ways to Cheer on the Seahawks

Football may be America’s sport but Seahawks love doesn't come cheap


Published on: October 19, 2017

Lori Fredericks

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Rep the Squad

Football season is in full swing, and the fam is in cheering mode. But if your little Legion of Boom has been begging for a trip to CenturyLink and you’re scratching your head about how to indulge the Seahawks fandom without breaking the bank, you’re not alone.

Football may be America’s sport, but when the whole family’s involved, the budget can grow a little too big for comfort. So how do you show your hometown love without breaking the bank? Here are five ways for the entire family to rep your team without going into debt.

Up your jersey game. Kids grow fast and kids are fickle. That’s why Seattle-based Rep the Squad created a subscription service that lets parents outfit their children in limitless authentic NFL jerseys from their kids’ favorite players (and their own). Much like the old Netflix DVD system, Rep the Squad charges a monthly fee ($16.95) and lets you set up a virtual locker of jerseys your family would love to wear.

Want to set your kids up to rock Kam Chancellor this week and Richard Sherman the next? You can do that! Once you ship your jersey back with their pre-paid label, they’ll send out another one to keep your little fan in their blue and green. Never worry about your kids outgrowing that expensive jersey again or having their favorite player traded to another team. Shipping, which is free both ways, is covered by USPS so you don’t have another task on your to-do list. Best of all? You can cancel any time

Ready to outfit the fam in jerseys? Use the code PARENTMAP and receive 50 percent off your first month at Rep the Squad!

Fuel up the fantasy. Fantasy leagues are free to play online, and they’re the perfect way to set up a friendly rivalry among members of the family. Plus, they teach kids math and strategy without even realizing it. Your kids might even talk to you about something other than the “nothing” they did all day at school. Win/win!

To sweeten the pot, prizes like a “chore-free week” at the end of the season can get everyone excited to play without costing you a penny. Alex Berg of Rep the Squad likes to joke that if your kids are checking their fantasy league on their phone in the living room, at least their screen time is family bonding time!

Satisfy their superstitions. When Luke Willson is scoring water off trainers during the game, he pays strict attention to who’s dosing the liquid. If the Hawks have a bad drive, he makes sure he doesn’t get water from that trainer again.

But the tight end doesn’t have to be the only one with some serious superstitions on game day! Challenge the kids to wear the same outfit they were wearing the last time the Hawks won … every single week … to “ensure” a win. Or pick up “lucky” blue and green undies for everyone. Whatever superstition you pick won’t just make you a member in good standing of the twelves — it will set up a family tradition that can last for years.

Schedule a family viewing party. Remember when everyone used to watch things at the same time, live, in the same room? Mandated family time in front of the game doesn’t just get the whole family into the room at the same time. It gives everyone a common goal … namely watching Russell Wilson complete a TD pass. Get the kids involved in planning a game-day menu, and call them into the kitchen to help make their favorite eats to prolong the family togetherness (and teach them a lesson or two about helping out).

If you’re busy running around on game day, shuffling the kids to soccer and music lessons, record the game and set aside time to watch together, even if you skip to the last quarter. A mandated “no checking the score” rule will help keep everyone on the same page and amp up the excitement over sitting down as a family to watch.

Hit the charity circuit. From Coach Pete Caroll’s A Better Seattle to Richard Sherman’s Blanket Coverage, there are dozens of charities founded by members of the Seahawks’ organization, and each one holds regular events in the area. Show your kids how to give back by swinging by an event. Your kids may even score a meet and greet with their favorite player!

Whether you spend a little money or none at all on the family’s Seahawks obsession this season, one thing’s for sure: Bringing everyone together to support a common goal is priceless.

Editor's note: This article was sponsored by Rep the Squad.

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