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Seattle-Area Families Find Unexpected Learning Opportunities at Home

From potty training to puppy training and more

Published on: March 31, 2020

girls gardening in the backyard unexpected learning opportunities during coronavirus shut down
Alice and Freddie Gilbertson in their garden. Image courtesy of Jennifer Gilbertson

With time on their hands, local kids learn new skills at home

With the kids out of school for more than two weeks and counting, some parents are using the time to teach their kids lessons they won’t get in a regular classroom. Like riding a pedal bike. Or baking (if you can find flour and eggs), gardening or crocheting. Or learning a language or an instrument. Even learning to play a video game together is a way to bond under these circumstances.

Five families shared with us the unexpected learning opportunities they found during the stay-at-home order. From potty training to puppy training, use the arrows above the image to read their stories.


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