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9 Perfect Picnic Spots Around Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound

Pack a family picnic and visit one of these gorgeous local gems

Fiona Cohen

Published on: July 06, 2020

Mount Baker
Seattle's Mount Baker Park

Neighborhood gems, ideal for family picnics

Editor's note: This article was first published several years ago. It mentions playgrounds and facilities that may remain closed due to the current pandemic. Please remember your masks and stay safe recreating outdoors.

At its best, a family picnic is a mini vacation: a chance to leave the day-to-day routine behind and spend some time together out under the open sky. These favorite picnic spots around Seattle and beyond offer a range of experiences, from farm fun to tide-pooling to hiking.

What they have in common are beauty, nature and that sense of getting away from it all.

Mount Baker Park, Seattle

This leafy lakefront park is one of five Seattle Parks' swimming beaches that's open this summer, with lifeguards on duty. The most popular place to picnic is probably near the swimming area, but there are many lovely shady spots in the inland part of the park. The updated playground remains closed now, but may reopen by summer's end. While the popular Bicycle Sundays program is currently suspended, this is a fun place for families with confident riders to roll out for a lakeside ride.

Eats: Pick up a wood-fired pizza and a salad at Mioposto Pizza, just across the street from the Mount Baker Park playground. (3601 S. McClellan St., Seattle).

Use the arrows above the image to locate seven more scenic picnic spots.

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