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Your Spring 2018 Guide to Family Fun in the Seattle Area

A seasonal arts guide for local families

Published on: January 26, 2018

Your Spring 2018 Guide to Family Fun in the Seattle Area

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan presents "Formosa"


  • Into the Woods: When a baker and his wife learn they’ve been cursed by the witch next door, they embark on a quest for the special objects required to break the spell, and swindle, lie and steal from a variety of fairy tale characters to get those objects. Despite the protagonists’ questionable ethics, this production is family-friendly and features youth performers ages 12–19. March 16–31. $17–$22. Ages 9 and older. Studio East, Kirkland
  • Return to the Forbidden Planet: It’s a movie, it’s a musical, it’s … inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”? CenterStage upends expectations once again in this all-ages sci-fi rock ’n’ roll musical stuffed with classics such as “Heard It Through the Grapevine” and “Good Vibrations.” Be part of the fun when the cast presents the greatest B movie ever made. March 16–31. $12–$29. Ages 6 and older. CenterStage Theatre, Federal Way
  • Snow White: With a short run time, live narration, lower price tickets and an audience full of youngsters, the annual performance of the Pacific Northwest Ballet School (PNB) is a perfect introduction to classical ballet for kids. This is not your average dance recital, though — many of these students have already performed in regular season productions on the PNB stage, and some will go on to dance professionally next year. March 18 and 24. $23–$60. All ages. McCaw Hall, Seattle
  • Formosa: Tickets for this production are pricey, but Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan is renowned for transforming ancient traditions into stunning modern dance, and choreographer Lin Hwai-min is widely considered the most important choreographer in Asia. “Formosa” (“beautiful island”) describes the landscape and history of Taiwan using gesture, script, song and other elements. March 22–24. $52 and up. Ages 5 and older. Meany Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle
  • Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed (the Rock Experience): If it was any other theater besides Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT), I’d be circumspect about this world-premiere rock ’n’ roll extravaganza theater production about a Mo Willems picture-book character. But this SCT musical is sure to rock audiences of all ages as Wilbur, the mole rat with exceptional style, navigates the pressure to conform through tail-shaking tunes, empowering messages of individuality and classic Mo Willems humor. March 22–May 13. $18-$45. All ages. Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle

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