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Family-Friendly Music Festivals

Outdoor music and nature fests you and your kids will love

Published on: April 27, 2023

Family-Friendly Music Festivals

Seattle space needle and crowd at the foundation during NW Folk Life, seattle's biggest music fest of the year
Crowds playing in the foundation at Folk Life Credit: flickr/Shutterbug Fotos

Northwest Folklife Festival

Folklife is over for 2023, be sure to catch it Memorial Day weekend 2024!

Dates: May 26–29

Cost: Free

One of the family-friendliest options, Northwest Folklife Festival has kicked off the summer festival season on Memorial Day weekend for more than 50 years. It doesn’t require travel or camping, and there’s no entrance fee (Folklife is funded by donations). The theme for the 52nd annual Northwest Folklife Festival is “Lagom,” a Scandinavian word that relates to the idea of maintaining balance. With the tagline “Not too much, not too little, just right,” could any festival be more attuned to what families need? Folklife’s folk- and world-music programming hardly needs an introduction, but new developments beyond music this year include a makerspace and activities related to themes of fashion as a folk art, and food justice and sovereignty.

Photo Credit: flickr/Shutterbug FotosCc

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