The Danger of "Button" Batteries for Kids

Published on: December 20, 2011

The danger of "button" batteries for kidsLithium “button” batteries are used in remote controls, greeting cards, watches, toys and other devices. Young children can find these batteries and swallow them without being seen. This can quickly damage the throat and digestive system. A child who has swallowed a battery may cough, choke, wheeze, drool, vomit or lose their appetite. If you suspect your child swallowed a button battery, take them to a healthcare provider right away for an X-ray. Lithium batteries must be removed by surgery quickly; they cannot be allowed to pass through the body.

Keep products with button batteries out of the reach of young children, especially when the battery compartments are not secured by screws or locking devices.

View this video to learn more about button battery safety.

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