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Apple Pressing with Fox in the Forest

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Enjoy working together to harvest apples, pears and quince.  If you've never been to Songaia before, you're in for a treat.  It's a great group of people who have created a co-housing community with a permaculture garden, and a food forest.  We will use a fully functional human powered apple press to make our own.

The plan:
Arrive and join in the fun.  Find a guest spot or park along the gravel road in overflow parking, at the base of the garden, and walk up the paved driveway look for us near the play structure. If you don't see us there, we are on the property picking so call (425) 368-8170, or look for us.  Leave when you or your little ones get tired!
Bring a snack to enjoy with our sweet apple cider.​ We'll drink some juice and save most for future events.

Look around your neighborhood, see if any trees are dropping fruit, and ask if it is OK to pick.  Bruised & damaged fruit works fine! 
 We'll be out of doors most of the day, dress for the weather.  Fun for All!

Event Details