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Auburn's Squirrely Summer Scavenger Hunt

Calendar/Event Details

Jump around Auburn's parks and trails in search of the elusive squirrel, who's packed his bags and is ready for a sizzlin' summer! This nutty squirrel will be hidden in various parks and trails in Auburn, beginning July 1 - July 11. Find the squirrel, have a chance to win prizes and have a blast while doing it! This will be a fun and safe event for families, Seniors, our Specialized Recreation community or anyone looking for an opportunity to get outside and get active in an outdoor setting. 

Here's how it works:

1. Print the Nutty Scorecard (PDF), if you wish, or bring something on your search to track your squirrels such as a notepad and pen, a phone or tablet. NOTE: you do not to email scorecards.  Submit details on the On-line Scorecard Submission Form (available July 1). Printed scorecards (for tracking purposes only) will also be available at: 

  • Auburn Community & Event Center, 910 Ninth Street SE, in a pamphlet holder, June 30 - July 11.

2. At 8:00 AM on Wednesday, June 30, we will announce the list of parks and trails where squirrels are hiding. Note: for those of you with special needs, two of the locations will have more accessible squirrels, which are in view from the trail/path to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers and wagons. 

3. All squirrels will look like this sample squirrel image. They are about 12-inches tall. Each squirrel has a unique number. Please don't take or move the squirrels so everyone can enjoy this COVID-19 safe activity. Since the squirrels will be hiding for an extended period of time, it is important to leave the squirrels in their location, to keep them safe from mowers and other maintenance equipment. 

4. Search for squirrels during park hours July 1 - July 11. You will need to find 10 squirrels. Print our Scorecard or bring something to track your squirrels!

6. Complete the Online Nutty Scorecard Submission Form (available July 1). The on-line scorecard will contain contact information and 10 spaces to indicate the squirrels that you found. There will also be the opportunity to share event photos or comments with us. We enjoy hearing from you! The on-line scorecard will be available until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 11. Sorry, no late entries.

5. Winners will be selected at random and emailed by Wednesday, July 14.

Event Details