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10 Activities for Surviving Winter With Kids

Family-fun things to do this dark and dreary time of year

Published on: January 29, 2019

Still from "Breath" by Narges Abyar, Iran, 2016, featured at the Children's Film Festival Seattle

Dreary winter days

A summer day is so ripe with possibility, it can be hard to choose what to do. On the flip side, a winter day can be so dreary and short on daylight that it can be hard to motivate yourself or the kids to do much of anything.

But as every parent knows, once you finally manage to get out of the house, it's totally worth it.

We've rounded up 10 ideas to get you through these winter days with kids. Bundle up and defy the drizzle, play indoors or catch a sun break — we've got something to suit just about every family.

Use the arrows above the image to find winter-time family-fun ideas with plants, pools, paths, playgrounds and lots more.

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