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10 Activities for Seattle-Area Families On Mid-Winter Break

Outings and play ideas for Seattle, Eastside and South Sound kids

Nancy Chaney

Published on: February 13, 2020

Get-out-of-the-house ideas for mid-winter break

Dreary winter days... with no school

A summer day is so ripe with possibility, it can be hard to choose what to do. On the flip side, a winter day can be so dreary and short on daylight that it can be hard to motivate yourself or the kids to do much of anything. And there's a whole stack of days coming that many schools have off for Presidents' Day and mid-winter break.

But it's definitely worth getting out of the house, once you finally manage it.

We've rounded up 10 ideas to keep your crew busy and entertained during mid-winter break and beyond. Bundle up and defy the drizzle, play indoors or catch a sun break — we've got something to suit just about every family.

Use the arrows above the image to find winter-time family-fun ideas with pools, paths, playgrounds and lots more.

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