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One Rotisserie Chicken, 12 Easy Meals

Fast, healthy and inventive meals starring takeout chicken

Published on: November 06, 2014

12 rotisserie chicken minute meals

Chances are, this strategy is already part of your kitchen wheelhouse. When you've no time to "really" cook, pick up a rotisserie chicken at your local deli, add in tortillas or pasta and done. But it turns out that's just the start of what you can do with the oh-so-versatile roti chicken. Read on for cooked-chicken meals that are fast, easy and healthy, from tortellini soup to easy chicken empanadas to chicken enchiladas and more.


Healthy chicken salad

Just listen to these ingredients: rotisserie chicken, green apple, cranberries, almonds, green grapes, red onion, greek yogurt, and lemon. Packed all on a fluffy bun, the family could eat this healthy chicken salad by Lemon Sugar morning, noon, or night.

Rotisserie enchiladas

This creamy chicken-and-black bean enchilada recipe by Budget Bytes has a rotisserie shortcut you can stand behind. Here’s the math: 15 minutes of prep, 1 hour of cooking, and 8 servings at an estimated $1.08 per serving. Serve along with some cilantro lime rice, and you’re good to go!

Chicken pot pie muffins

…is apparently worth a delicious muffin in the mouth. With this recipe for chicken pot pie muffins by Muffin Mama, you can leverage 12 servings of portable dinner in a muffin tin. All the good stuff is baked right in — veggies, rotisserie chicken, cheese and more.

Bringin’ back the casserole

Rotisserie chicken lends itself well to any casserole dish you can dream up. This recipe by Mom on Timeout is a great start — and you’ll be quickstepping in the kitchen since there are no prep bowls required. Just mix the fixins’ in a glass dish and bake! Superfood broccoli is disguised by a little cheese, cream of chicken soup, and mayo, but the rice and chicken help turn this into a hearty weeknight meal.

Rotisserie chicken empanadas

If you’ve got 15 minutes, then That’s What Che Said has an easy empanada recipe for you to impress your weeknight guests. (Who has time to entertain on a weeknight, anyway?) Packaged crescent rolls, shredded rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, and mozzarella assembled then baked for 9 minutes make for a stunning starter.

Comfort-rich chicken tortellini soup

There are some nights where comfort food (in a hurry) is just what the family needs. This recipe for chicken tortellini soup by Gimme Some Oven ticks all the boxes for a cozy meal at home. Pre-made cheese tortellini and rotisserie chicken are just the shortcut to get you to the table in sweatpants in under 20 minutes.

Buffalo chicken cups: cute "dude food"

Here’s a timesaver for a last-minute potluck dish, or a way to up the cute factor of your everyday dinner. Gimme Some Oven shares a certified “dude food” recipe for buffalo chicken cups using wonton wrappers, shredded chicken, a mix of spices, and blue cheese. Game day food anyone?

Tostadas, of course

You knew a taco-style recipe would show up on this list, right? This chicken tostada idea by Tried and Tasty is so easy and fresh, plus the addition of a thin layer of beans holds all of the toppings together. Fun fact from the post: Costco sells rotisserie chicken already shredded off the bone. Speedy Gonzales! 

Fancy chicken verde mac

With a few tweaks to standard mac and cheese, this chicken verde version by Plain Chicken is a new classic — and a main dish. Pepper jack cheese and tomatillo salsa add a kick! Adjust the recipe to your taste, but either way, the rotisserie chicken shortcut makes it another 15-minute dinner option (with potential for leftovers).

Easy tortilla soup

Quit buying those watered down cans of soup and make your own chicken tortilla soup using this recipe by A Night Owl Blog. Making soup from scratch is easier than it looks, and once the ingredients are in the pot, 30 minutes of simmering takes over to blend southwestern flavors in green chiles, black beans, and tortilla chips.


Pizza reimagined 

Not the pizza ingredients you’d find on a delivery menu: rotisserie chicken, mango chutney, fire-roasted tomatoes, spinach, and queso fresco all piled up on some naan. I can see it now — the recipe by Ambitious Kitchen is perfect for a moms’ night wine party, or a special treat for mom and dad while hosting a slumber party. Just order a box of the regular stuff for the kiddos.

Getting the most from your roast

This idea for making chicken broth from scratch is something on my at-home chef bucket list. Usually, post-rotisserie, I’m left up to my elbows in chicken bits with not much to show for my efforts. Tastes Better from Scratch’s recipe gives you all the tips to make cups and cups of broth and freeze for future use.

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