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15 Berry-Full Summer Recipes

Shar Petit

Published on: July 02, 2013

Skinny Mom

On Ice

Give the oven a break, and whip up this berry icebox cake by Skinny Mom in about 15 minutes. The ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, Cool Whip, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. Assemble the ingredients in a lasagna-like fashion, chill for four hours, and tote away!

Man's Belly

Hand Pies

Those 10 for $10 sad excuses for pie in the junky aisle should be ashamed. This recipe by My Man's Belly gives summer's blueberries a cozy crust with a lemon glaze. We're salivating.

Bits of Taste

Berry Cool

Bring the chill to your next summer gathering with this idea by Bits of Taste for some not-so-average ice cubes. Use regular cube trays or have some fun with your favorite shapes. Any and all berries are welcome!

 San Fransisco KItchen

Take a Dip!

My San Francisco Kitchen has a great idea for a quick strawberry fix – vanilla-yogurt-dipped strawberries. Some tips: double dip the berries in the yogurt coating (30 minutes in the freezer after the first coat and about an hour after the second coat), don’t freeze for too long and be aware that they’re messy to eat!

Runs with Spatula

Fruit Rolls

Healthier than store-bought rolls and gummies, this idea for berry fruit leather by Runs With Spatulas is a summer challenge we'd like to accept. Fair warning: the steps are tricky and the cook time is lengthy, but with Danielle's creative tips and step-by-step instructions, you'll make some treats sweeter than candy.

Curly Girl Kitchen 

Striped Pops

We couldn't leave popsicles off this summer berry recipe collection! A cool-me-down snack for a hot day, these berry popsicles by Curly Girl Kitchen are easy to make. Berries, milk, powdered sugar and vanilla extract are all you'll need. Simple and refreshing!

 The Frugal Girl

Freezer Jammin’

If berry-picking trips are leaving your family surrounded by pints and flats, make a batch of this homemade berry freezer jam by The Frugal Girl. More flavorful than cooked jam, freezer jam is stored raw in the fridge or freezer. Head over to the blog for a bountiful collection of jam recipes!

The Comfort of Cooking 

The Way It Crumbles

Skip the difficult-to-master pie crust recipes, and opt for these mixed berry crumble bars by The Comfort of Cooking. The bars are described as a "beautiful marriage of crumbly, buttery shortbread-like dough and tart, sweet berries." Ummm – we’re sold.

 Oven Love

Lemonade Stand

A fun take on a summer staple, this recipe for blackberry-thyme lemonade by Oven Love is an instant classic. Squeeze the lemons, mix with honey, then pour over crushed blackberries and thyme. Cover that mixture with cold water, and you’ve got a picnic stunner!

The Happy Housewife

Pizza Pizza

Waffles? Good. Cream cheese? Yummy. Fresh berries? Oh, yes. This fruit pizza by The Happy Housewife is a great idea for summer brunch or a breakfast treat for the family. Using Eggos makes the preparation super speedy.

Girls Guide 

DIY Sorbet

Believe it or not, these adorable sorbet cups by Girls Guide To are made with only 4 ingredients and an ice cream maker. With raspberries, sugar, lemons, and vanilla extract, you’ll be making batches of this stuff all summer long. We love the hollowed out lemons as serving cups!

Homemade by Holman

Summer Salad

Eat healthy this summer with this recipe for a strawberry-spinach summer salad by Homemade by Holman. The dressing of feta, pecans, and brown sugar looks so scrumptious -- how can the kiddos turn down these greens? Give it a try for those veggie-phobic little ones.

Mom on Timeout 

Yogurt Dessert

If your kiddos love fresh berry smoothies, they'll love this idea for a frozen version by Mom On Timeout. Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and milk are the only ingredients! Fill up little paper cups with the smoothie mixture of one part yogurt, one part milk, and two part berries, stick 'em with a fun straw, and pop in the freezer.

super Healthy Kids

Breakfast Bowls

These strawberry breakfast bowls look like they should be on display at a fancy-pants coffee shop, but the recipe by Super Healthy Kids is simple (and well-balanced!). Described as "mini-french toast casseroles," the kids will love following along with the pictures to assemble the treat step by step.

A few shortcuts 

Red, White, and Blue

Oh, how we love a good recipe for dessert bars. A Few Shortcuts shares their patriotic take with these red, white, and blueberry bars. The main ingredients are sugar cookie mix, cream cheese, strawberry jam, and fresh blueberries. Such an easy way to add a little sweetness to a summer BBQ.

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