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Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Seattle to Visit With Kids

Shoot fun photos for your followers at unusual Seattle-area landmarks

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 25, 2023

Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Seattle to Visit With Kids

Crow With Fries sculpture in Auburn's Les Gove Park near Seattle, Washington best instagram sights for teens and tweens
“Crow With Fries” — public art that is just like it sounds. Credit: Nancy Chaney

4. ‘Crow With Fries’

Public art doesn’t have to be highbrow, mysterious or full of itself. “Crow With Fries” — a sculpture that looks just as its title describes — laughs (and caws) along with kids, park visitors and passersby from its perch in Auburn’s Les Gove Park. You’d do a doubletake for sure if you happened upon this shiny black corvid munching on a French fry — unless you were looking for it — which you should, of course, to snap your one-of-a-kind Instagram shot.

After you’ve taken your pics, explore the rest of the park to find the carrot trees, head-shaped rocks, playground and climbing wall.

Next stop: hump day

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