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Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Seattle to Visit With Kids

Shoot fun photos for your followers at unusual Seattle-area landmarks

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 26, 2021

Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Seattle to Visit With Kids

Crow With Fries sculpture in Auburn's Les Gove Park near Seattle, Washington best instagram sights for teens and tweens
Crow With Fries. Credit: Nancy Chaney

4. ‘Crow With Fries’

Public art doesn’t have to be highbrow, mysterious or full of itself. “Crow With Fries” — a sculpture that looks just as its title describes — laughs (and caws) along with kids, park visitors and passersby from its perch in Auburn’s Les Gove Park. You’d do a doubletake for sure if you happened upon this shiny black corvid munching on a french fry — unless you were looking for it — which you should, of course, to snap your one-of-a-kind Instagram shot.

After you’ve taken your pics, explore the rest of the park to find the carrot trees, head-shaped rocks, playground and climbing wall.

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