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Best of ParentMap in August

Published on: December 30, 2013

0810_cover_125x151Shiny new August issue on my desk today. Which reminds me of why it's good to be the editor: If something's bugging me, I can just ask a reporter to look into it!

Something like that happened with this issue. My 13-year-old is begging for a Facebook page. I needed facts and solid advice. Enter Tracy Romoser, reporter and digital maven extraordinaire, with this month's feature story: a parents' guide to navigating the whole social-media mess.

Also da buzz: Orgasmic birth! Such a fascinating mix of reactions at a recent staff meeting. Some leaned in to hear more; others all but bolted for the door - voila! Interesting news story! And yet another home-run for reporter Tera Schreiber.

PM brought Carol Dweck to town recently - you know, the brain researcher behind the zeitgeist book Mindset. Get yer mini-mindset-primer in this month's issue.

Kris has gone missing, as she always does during rafting season, on account of her love of rafting, which has led to our fab story on ... rafting.

We're also shouting about: Wolf Haven Howl-Ins....PEPSapalooza brings the fun with Recess Monkey, The Not-Its!, Johnny Bregar and little-girl sunscreen evah! Glitter and cotton-candy scented! But why is it $19 at Metropolitan Market? Why is my tween's fave clothing store - Forever 21 -  now selling maternity clothes?

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