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Biggest Bounce House Ever Comes to Town

Fly high as the Big Bounce America tour stops here this summer

Nancy Chaney

Published on: August 02, 2018

Big Bounce America tour in Seattle August 2018
Big Bounce America

There's a Guinness World Record-holding bouncy house that's 32 feet tall and the size of a couple of city lots. (Who knew?) It's in the area for the second weekend in a row this coming weekend (Aug. 10–12) at note, it's moving to a new location.

Does a super-giant bouncy house sound fun? I mean, nearly every kid loves a bouncy house, and some grown-ups, too. Maybe what we don't love is a huge crowd, sweaty, screaming kids and steep prices? Let's lay out all the info so you can decide if this touring attraction is for you.

  • The Big Bounce America sets up shop at Maris Farms in Buckley the weekend of Aug. 10–12. Buckley is in Pierce County, east of Puyallup, a little over an hour from either Seattle or Bellevue, and about 45 minutes from Tacoma. (Note: This location is a change from last weekend, when the event was at Pat Ryan Field in Sea-Tac.)
  • You buy timed tickets for a one-hour session in the main, giant bouncy house. This should help reduce wait times and control the number of jumpers inside at one time.
  • Sessions are divided by age to keep toddlers from being bowled over by crazy teens. Age groups are Toddler (ages 3 and under with ticketed parent/caregiver required); Junior Kids (ages 7 and under; ages 4 and under requiring a ticketed parent/caregiver to accompany them); and Bigger Kids (ages 15 and under). There are even adults-only sessions for ages 16 and older. 
  • Families with different ages of kids can enter together — though only in the older-age sessions. In other words, younger kids can go in older-kid sessions; older kids cannot go in younger kids sessions. If you're taking a little kid into a Bigger Kids session (ages 15 and under), that's fine, but you may want to go with them as the Bigger Kids jump times can get pretty boisterous.
  • Reminder that kids ages 4 and under must be accompanied by a ticketed adult at all times; kids ages 5 and older can enter unattended, but if you want to bounce with your kid(s) or enter the bounce house to keep an eye on them, you have to buy a ticket.
  • Your timed-ticket ($12–$16) gets you a one-hour session in the big bounce house; a $7 add-on ticket to the Bounce Village gets you access to additional inflatables and games outside your one-hour time slot.
  • The Bounce Village includes games such as the Monster Ball Pit and Ninja Run.
  • Socks are required for everyone.
  • A thorough FAQ goes over many additional details, including that the attraction may not be able to operate in case of rain. Check the site if you've bought tickets and the weather isn't cooperating.

I checked on the site for what it would cost for my son (age 9) and me to buy tickets to bounce together. For a Bigger Kids session for two with the Bounce Village add-on, plus fees, the total came to $48.88. Double that for a family of four and you have a pretty big splurge, but perhaps an epic and memorable time bouncing together.

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