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Business cards for mom: Why? And where to get.

Published on: December 30, 2013

At my weekly PEPS gathering yesterday, I was talking with a mom friend. I mentioned (okay, squealed) that I’d recently received business cards with my blog name and url on them (, if you must know).

Well, she bettered me. She, apparently, keeps a small stash of Momcards in her purse: a calling card listing her name, her kids names, their phone number and email address. This prevents the playground-departure-scramble wherein you’re searching frantically for a scrap of paper and pen with which to write the phone number of another mom, all while your munchkin(s) is already halfway across the parking lot, bound for the car.

You simply reach into your wallet, coolly extract a card and hand it to the woman glowing with Potential Best Friend vibes.

A few resources for Mom Cards are:

MommyBiz—50 cards for $19.50. Designs are a little simplistic, but the price is good.

Sophie and Spice—20 cards for $17.95. Cute retro designs.

The Mommy Card—200 cards for $50. Breathtaking designs. Someone put a lot of thought into these.

Itti Bitti Cards—100 cards for $49.50. Hip, playful designs.

Cards for Moms—100 cards for $50. Designs are nice, though not as stylized as the three above.

All companies print Daddycards and Familycards as well.

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