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Sexual Abuse: How to Talk About It and Keep Your Child Safe

Watch this short, six-part video series made for parents to get the tools you need to have important conversations with your kids about sexual abuse

Rory Graves

Published on: November 09, 2014

Introduction: Resources for keeping kids safe

After 35 years in the field of research-based child sexual abuse prevention, Committee for Children knows what works and what doesn’t. And one thing that does work is talking to your kids in ways that can help keep them safe from sexual abuse. Sure, it can feel awkward — which is why they have created this series of videos showing why and how to have these conversations with your kids.

Not Our Kids

Protecting your child from sexual abuse may seem difficult and scary. But the more you know about how abusers manipulate children and their families and about how to talk with your children, the better chance you have of protecting them. This video introduces the problem of — and the solutions to — child sexual abuse.

What If It’s Someone You Know?

To protect your child from abusers, you need to know how they manipulate kids into keeping secrets and how they manipulate you into trusting them. Research shows that the best way to prevent this is to really listen to your child and build trust and openness between you. This video shows the simple but powerful message you can give to your child: “Tell me. I’ll believe you.”

How to Talk with Kids About Sexual Abuse

Research shows that talking to your kids about touching safety is the best way to keep them safe from sexual abuse. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and awkward. But you can do it — just like you talk to them about avoiding drugs or wearing a helmet. This video will show you how.

This Can Happen in Any Family

None of us ever wants to hear that our child has been sexually abused. But if they have, the most important thing we can do is believe them — and then get help. This video can help you learn how to make it safe for your children to tell you what is happening to them.

Kids Talk About Their Bodies

There are things all parents need to teach their children to keep them safe from abusers, such as the names of their private parts and rules about who can see or touch them — and children don’t mind talking about it! This video will show you just how normal these conversations can be.

This video was originally produced by our friends at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC), who very kindly allowed us to adapt it for inclusion in these resources. KCSARC’s overall purpose is to alleviate, as much as possible, the trauma of sexual assault for victims and their families. Their mission is to give voice to victims, their families, and the community; create change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence; and instill courage for people to speak out about sexual assault.

To learn more about how to talk to your children to protect them from sexual abuse, explore the Committee for Children website

And please, share these videos. We’re all working together to keep kids safe.

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