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Three Hours in Georgetown: 5 Things to Do with Kids in Seattle's Artsiest 'Hood

Published on: April 04, 2013

Photo credit: Robert Kittelson

When you're planning a day's outing with the kids, it's easy to overlook Georgetown, an industrial-flavored neighborhood located 5 miles south of downtown Seattle. It may look rough-and-tumble, but under its gritty vibe and industrial location there are plenty of fun things to do with kids, rain or shine. (See a Georgetown map.)

1. Picnic at the Hat 'n' Boots park

A trip to Georgetown wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Hat 'n' Boots in Oxbow Park, on Corson just south of Eddy. This larger-than-life pair were originally part of a cowboy-themed gas station (the boots were his and hers restrooms), until it closed its doors in the late 1980s. The park is a local favorite for its kids' play area, picnic benches and whimsical P-Patch gardens. If you get hungry, stop in at the Carleton Avenue Grocery (on the corner of Carleton and Warsaw) to rustle up a picnic.

Another gem is Ruby Chow Park (corner of 13th and Hardy), which offers a fantastic view of the airplanes at Boeing Field. The airport is busy all day long, and depending on the direction of the wind, planes will either be taking off or landing directly overhead. It's a good place to spot everything from the new Boeing 787 and massive freight planes to military fighters and quirky historic aircraft.

2. Spray and play

If playing in the sand has got kids in the mood to splash, head to the Georgetown Spray Park. In the northeast corner of the Georgetown Playfield (on Homer and Corson), it's chock full of spray features for kids of all ages. It's open for summer through Labor Day weekend. The Georgetown Playfield also sports a playground, picnic area and swings, as well as a half basketball court and artificial turf soccer field.

Georgetown Playfield. Photo credit: Robert Kittilson

3. Hunt for treasure at a trailer park (mall)

If your kids like treasure hunts, don't miss the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Each of the old camper trailers is stuffed with vintage treasures, one-of-a-kind crafts, and handmade jewelry from local artists. The clothing racks are treasure-troves of dress-up clothes (and you may even pick up a thing or two for yourself).

The Mall's hours for summer are Fridays, 5-9 p.m., Saturdays, 1-8 p.m. and Sundays 11-4 p.m.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Photo credit: Robert Kittilson

4. Nosh away

When it comes time to fuel up, head to one of the many eclectic kid-friendly restaurants in Georgetown. Stellar Pizza invites fun with its bright colors, ride-in airplane, and photo booth. In addition to New York-style pizza, they serve a "Rug Rat" menu for the kids. Nosh on Japanese-style burgers or tofu burgers at Katsu Burger on Fourth Avenue South. And don't miss Hallava Felafel, a fantastic Middle Eastern food truck located at 5825 Airport Way S.

Pick up cookies and other treats from Two Tartes Bakery, or sweet and savory pies from American Pie Bakery & Cafe. Parents looking to get a taste of Georgetown's historic brewing tradition can head to the Machine House Brewery, which welcomes both kids and outside food.

5. Hit an indoor beach

Bookmark this for one for a rainy day:  Sandbox Sports is hard to miss: bright murals cover the converted warehouse on Airport Way and Vale very near the highway. Two full-sized sand volleyball courts are housed inside, and during the Lil' Diggers sessions, they're filled with sand toys and kids at play. It's the perfect antidote to the rainy-day blues. Lil' Diggers sessions happen at 9:30 and 11:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Snacks and drinks can be purchased in the Tiki Bar, and parents can bring their own food if they like. [Note; Lil' Diggers is closed for the summer.]

Lil' Diggers Playtime. Photo credit: Robert Kittilson
Lil' Diggers Playtime. Photo credit: Robert Kittilson

Also don't miss:

- The Georgetown Carnival: Typically held on a June Saturday, the carnival is Georgetown's signature festival, with carnival games, interactive art, music, sideshows, power tool races, plus kiddie fun such as old-timey carnival games, face painting, and an interactive art section hosted by local art studios.

Note: This article was originally published in 2013, and updated for 2015.

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