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Doing the REAL Work...

Published on: December 30, 2013

When I was recently asked by a friend at KPLU for the name of a Mom who has chosen to make her work that of raising a family one friend, a fellow PMap reader came to mind. This friend is not like most of my other friends.

Mary, the mother of 4 wonderful kids is a FULL TIME Mom. Every day as most of my friends are running from meetings to home and then back out to more meetings, Mary is running also but from one kid activity to another with these 4 exceptional little people in tow.

In KPLU's series "Meaning of Work", Mary is profiled for the work she does 24/7 as Mother, Homemaker, Household Manager, Tutor, Chauffeur, Chef and the many other things a full time stay at home Mom does.

Check out this link to hear a little slice of her life.

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