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5 Easy Lunches the Kids Can Help Make

Simple and tasty no-cook recipes that are suitable for budding chefs

Vicky McDonald

Published on: April 07, 2019

Kid cooking

Keep it simple

During this challenging lockdown situation, many of us are working, trying to keep the kids on track (or at least out of trouble) and attempting to maintain some kind of routine. Where do we find time to cook on top of all this?

One potential solution is to get your kids more involved in the kitchen. It shares the workload and keeps them busy.

You might think I'm crazy. As you likely know, it can feel like extra work to have kids "help" in the kitchen. But with practice, they'll learn, and those extra minutes spent explaining and cleaning up will pay off over time.

Pro tip: Getting a few child-appropriate tools can be really helpful. If you’re dealing with preschoolers, these awesome nylon knives are sharp enough to cut veggies but safe enough for small hands (with supervision). Give them a chopping board and start with something simple like hard-boiled eggs or cucumbers. You’ll be surprised how much pride they take in their work!

Scroll through the arrows above for some very simple meals that are fun and easy for you and the kids to make together. 

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