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Fisher Creek Park’s Amazing Slides, Sphere, Zip Line and More

Kids will love this gem of a playground with bike course, too

April Chan

Published on: June 10, 2019

Fisher Creek Park zip line. Credit: April Chan

If you measure the sign of a good park by how difficult it is to get your kids to leave when it’s time to go, Fisher Creek Park in Snoqualmie Ridge is a clear winner for our family.

I’d heard through the playground grapevine that this Eastside park sports seven (!) slides, so my family and I went to check it out. The park sits alongside — though downhill from — busy Snoqualmie Parkway at one of the Ridge’s suburban inlets onto Fisher Avenue S.E. The small parking lot out front might make you think it’s just a minor neighborhood park.

But as we found, this park has tons to offer. The sprawling green-blue play structure includes assorted climbing and traversing obstacles. And those promised seven slides serve as an eye-catching and thrilling attraction.

Fisher Creek Park play structure. Credit: April Chan

As my kids took in the many offerings, my older one made a beeline for the dual zip lines toward the far end of the park. As one who knows the etiquette of waiting his turn at these zip lines and helping to pull the seat up for the next child, my son was pretty jazzed to see that two structures meant he didn’t have to wait as long for his turn. And because we visited the park later in the day after families had thinned out, he sometimes had both ziplines all to himself. So I was enticed to play along and race him.

There is an impressively large climbing wall for kids to test their varying abilities: an inclined section for beginners, straight up-and-down walls and even an inverted section. We noted that because the park was not new, some of the knobs were loose and spinning around their bolts, so some parental supervision is advised.

My younger, more timid child took more time assessing her choices, which also included a rope-climbing sphere (we call it a spider web), and a merry-go-round. Most of the park’s play options seem designed for older, and/or more adventurous kids, but she appreciated the two spring-mounted teeter-totters to warm up.

Rope-climber sphere at Fisher Creek Park. Credit: April Chan

Bike park

After reading that Fisher Creek Park includes a bike park, we made sure to bring along our bikes. We found the bike park tucked away behind the trees at the opposite end of the parking lot. The small but kid-friendly bike area features a beginner course that winds through the grassland.

Intermediate bike course called "The Woods" at Fisher Creek Park. Credit: April Chan

The intermediate course winds through the trees to exit back to the main playground area. A sign at the beginning of the course advises that the area is unsupervised. In addition to reminders to wear a helmet, riders are also encouraged to signal they are entering the course by yelling out “dropping!” or “rider!” before riding off.

As it turns out, both my kids preferred long straight paths rather than windy, bumpy courses on which to ride their bikes. Thankfully, Fisher Creek Park offers two paved, mostly straight and mostly flat sections which sandwich the playground area of the park. The adjacent grassy area is ideal for picnicking and also allows adults to keep an eye on young riders using the mostly flat and straight biking paths.

Bike course safety rules. Credit: April Chan

Park features

Fisher Creek’s grassy area offers no shade, so on full-sun days, bring a shade tent or enjoy the park later in the day. Picnic tables are also available. The proximity to the busy parkway helps create breezes through the park; though fortunately we did not notice much road noise.

Fisher Creek Park also features a single basketball court and further back into the forested area toward the bike park, a connection into the network of Snoqualmie’s walking and recreation trails. This could make for a longer family bike ride either with kids who are independent riders or with younger tots in cargo bikes or trailers.

Merry-go-round with basketball court behind. Credit: April Chan

Nearby attractions

Center Boulevard, just east of the park along Snoqualmie Parkway, houses the local Snoqualmie Branch of the King County Library System, as well as a variety of restaurants. Try Cherry de Pon for a sweet treat. (Pro tip: After nearly three hours of playing, the promise of a treat at Cherry de Pon was how I finally got my kids to leave the park.) On the other side of the parkway, Center Boulevard becomes Center Street, where a MOD Pizza, Safeway and Starbucks are located.

Hop in the car to spy Snoqualmie Falls just five minutes farther up the parkway at 6501 Railroad Ave. S.E.

Take in local history and check out various train cars at the Northwest Railway Museum. Or just enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Snoqualmie and nearby North Bend.

If you go...

Find it: Fisher Creek Park is located at 7805 Fisher Ave. S.E. in Snoqualmie

Parking: The parking lot offers about 20 spaces, but there is residential parking on nearby streets as well.

Facilities: Restrooms with flush toilets and sinks are located near the parking lot, along with a drinking fountain.

Park history: Fisher Creek Park was part of the original Snoqualmie Ridge development in 2001 and the playground was updated in 2015. Snoqualmie parks and public works superintendent says that future bike park improvements are possible.

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