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6 Fun Ideas to Break the Monotony of Quarantine Living

Celebrate and do something different this week to bring some cheer

Published on: May 19, 2020

6 Fun Ideas to Break the Monotony of Quarantine Living


Family game night

Host an epic family game night, complete with fun snacks, great games and a trophy. First, you might want to check out this post from Danielle at Bringing Back the Peace who has some great tips for a smooth game night without the drama.

Next, choose board games based on your kids' ages and interests. Then, to add a little more excitement, create your own trophy like this epic one from I Don't Have Time for That blog.

If you really don't have time for that sort of crafting, you can of course purchase a trophy online. Whatever you do, be sure and take pics with the trophy to immortalize the win!  

Good snacks make for extra fun. Bake up some dice cookies like these ones from Frugal Coupon Living. Or try this twist on personal pizzas from Baker Mama with lots of ideas for a create-your-own-slice pizza night.


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