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Finding a Great Horse Camp: 8 Tips and 14 Horse Camps in Greater Seattle

horse summer camps
Photo courtesy of Camp Sealth. See Part 2 for our list of great Pacific Northwest horse camps.

Editor's note: This article has not yet been updated for 2016. Check back.

For some kids, horses are the main reason to go to camp. But as parents ponder summer camp choices, adding horses to the mix introduces a whole new level of inquiry. What do novice parents and riders need to know before they sign up for an equestrian camp?

We asked experts and parents of horse-loving kids for pointers on how to choose a horse-riding camp in the Northwest. Along the way, we found out why families are thankful for the lessons learned from time spent with equine friends.

Teenager Sophie Wilsdon, who now owns her own horse, shares what she's gained from horse camp: Over the years, she says, “I’ve learned about deadlines and responsibility, how to treat animals and people with respect, and that hard work pays off.”

Read on for our primer on why and where to choose a Seattle-area horse camp.

Part 1: 8 tips for picking a great horse camp

Part 2: Great Seattle-area horse camps to consider

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