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10 Family-Friendly Curries for Cold Evenings

Warm up with these comfort curries this season

Jackie Freeman

Published on: December 08, 2023

sweet potato curry

When we think of curry recipes, we often think of flaming-hot vindaloo or super-spiced tikka masala. Though these are great meals for a more sophisticated palate, curry is also a fabulous family meal. The ultimate comfort food, curry is easy to make for a weeknight dinner and is chock-full of vegetables, proteins and other healthy ingredients (here’s looking at you, turmeric). You can find inspiration from worldwide, with flavor profiles to suit every palate. Ease into these dishes by starting with familiar ingredients and mild flavors to build up your child’s confidence. From creamy and cooling coconut, approachable chicken or tofu, to your favorite veggies, in no time you’ll be enjoying curry as part of your regular meal rotation.

1. Sweet Potato Curry

Kids will love the combination of sweet potatoes and creamy coconut in Jessica in the Kitchen’s Sweet Potato Curry. Made in one pot, parents will love the ease of meal prep. Make sure to cut all of your potatoes into the same bite-size cubes so that they cook evenly and are easy to eat with a spoon. Bonus: this meal is freezer-friendly and easy on the wallet. 

2. Paneer Gobi (Cauliflower Paneer Curry) in the Instant Pot

Let your Instant Pot do the work for you in this mildly spiced cauliflower (gobi) and cheese (paneer) curry from Foodie’s Terminal. Dinner is ready in under 30 minutes, and not a mushy cauliflower floret in sight! Take the time to saute the spices in the hot oil as it helps to bring out their flavors. If you are running short on time (or ingredients), you can swap out the homemade masala recipe with store-bought.

3. Quick Chicken Curry

Family Food on the Table knows what they are doing with this kid-friendly curry that is ready in 15 minutes. Use leftover chopped chicken, from a rotisserie or anything else you might have cooked during the week, with store-bought yellow curry powder for a mild dish that is easy and familiar to most palettes. Plain Greek yogurt adds creaminess and a slight tang. If you’re looking to add a bit of vegetables to this simple dish, try serving it over cauliflower rice instead of steamed brown or white rice.

4. Easy Thai Green Curry with Vegetables

Tofu and peas are great vegetarian proteins featured in Yummy Toddler Food’s approachable Thai-inspired green curry.  Green curry can have a bit of a kick to it, so start with just a small amount and add more to your liking. You can serve this dish over rice with all of the veggies mixed together or plate everything separately and let them pick the ingredients they prefer (if your kids don’t like food to touch or love peas and hate carrots). It gives them a little autonomy and they can use the sauce as a dip!

5. Chicken Tikka Masala in the Slow Cooker

If you can’t resist a classic, then check out Foodlet’s chicken tikka masala. This version is flavorful without being spicy, and you can cool it down even more by adding a healthy dollop of plain yogurt on top when serving. Prep all the ingredients the night before, pop the insert in the fridge, then let your slow cooker do all the work during the day while you are out and about. If you like your veggies extra smooth, add them at the beginning of the cooking process. If you prefer a little more bite, hold them aside until the last two hours of cooking. 

6. Easy One Pan Lentil Daal Curry

Rivaling any takeout curry, both in flavor and price, this easy lentil daal comes together in under 30 minutes with a few basic ingredients. As a working mom, The Busy Baker loves to make this quick and easy dish during the week – it’s even requested often by her kids! Packed with protein from the lentils, this vegan meal is great served with homemade or store-bought naan bread.

7. Chinese Curry Chicken

Forget takeout, make your own Chinese Curry Chicken from Omnivore’s Cookbook. Packed with crunchy and colorful vegetables, this dish is gluten-free (just make sure to use GF oyster sauce). The chicken cooks in the sauce, making it exceptionally tender and flavorful. You can use the chili flakes or omit them completely, depending on your spice threshold. You can also swap out the veggies with your kids’ favorite — try snap peas, water chestnuts, or anything else you may have in the fridge. 

8. Thai Coconut Red Curry with Prawns

Made in one pot in under 20 minutes, this simple Thai red prawn curry from Ahead of Thyme is made with readily available ingredients from your cupboard and supermarket. The sauce is creamy and with a touch of sweetness from brown sugar and a bit of zing from fresh lime juice. It is equally delicious over steamed rice or rice noodles.

9. Egg Curry

With familiar ingredients that the kids will recognize, egg curry from Healthy Little Foodies is a great way to introduce new flavors in a safe environment. You can make the sauce chunky or smooth (by blending the veggies) depending on texture preferences. Or stir in a little cream or yogurt to tone down the seasoning. Using eggs as the main protein in this dish is especially great for babies and toddlers who may struggle with eating large pieces of meat.

10. Kid-Friendly Salmon Curry

If your kids love salmon (or fish in general) but you’re tired of serving fish sticks every night, try this salmon curry from Caroline’s Cooking. It doesn’t have any spice, which is great for little kids, but it is still packed with flavor, which is great for the grown-ups. Feel free to mix in your favorite vegetables for added color, flavor and texture. 

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