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Kids lie about their age to get on Facebook

Published on: December 30, 2013

Tech writer Helen A.S. Popkin reports that

Of the 20 million minors who actively use Facebook, 7.5 million are younger than the social network's minimum age of 13, according to study by Consumer Reports. Of that number, more than 5 million were younger than 10.

That's a lot of young kids using a social media application that even adults have trouble wrangling at times (as Popkin notes, even adults can't seem to stop themselves from clicking on the "Osama bin Laden dead" scam links).

And how do 10-year-olds get Facebook accounts, when its TOS clearly state that users have to be over 13? By lying about their age, of course. Do their parents care?

"A majority of parents of kids 10 and under seemed largely unconcerned by their children's use of the site," Jeff Fox, technology editor for Consumer Reports, said of the survey results.

Do your kids have Facebook accounts (as far as you know) -- and if so, are you concerned?

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