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Lifesaver Costco Products Local Families Love

Popular entrées, snacks and adult beverages to stock up on

Published on: January 26, 2022


Ask any Costco member about their favorites — items they buy at Costco again and again — and they will likely offer a long list. That’s because this local big-box store offers great deals on, well, just about everything. Costco’s own Kirkland Signature brand partners with name brands to offer quality products from protein bars to Napa Valley wines that customers rave about. We’ve rounded up 14 popular member faves, from entrées and snacks to adult beverages. Check and see if your favorites are on the list. 

1. Salmon burgers 

Alaskan salmon burgers are an inexpensive way to buy wild salmon. Made from whole, wild-caught salmon fillets, these quick-cooking patties are full of omega-3s and make a great nutritious dinner served on a bun or with a salad. 

2. Veggie spring rolls

Whether you are a vegetarian or meat-eater, Costco’s bite-sized vegetable spring rolls are sure to please. They come in a box of fifty and include packets of soy-ginger sauce for dipping. Cook these in the oven or air fryer for a snack or side dish.

4. A no-prep salmon dinner

Salmon Milano comes in an aluminum tray with herb butter on top so you just have to remove the plastic lid and pop it in the oven. Make some rice and toss a salad to round out this easy, flavorful salmon dinner.

4. Rotisserie chicken

Any article on Costco favorites has to include the store’s legendary rotisserie chicken. Priced at $4.99 for a three-pound whole bird, these are a great value option for families. Although many chain groceries offer their own rotisserie chickens, Costco’s brand consistently ranks higher in taste tests.

5. Nutty buttery nuggets

Peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets offer a lovely crunch on their own and the creamy peanut butter filling takes this snack to the next level. It’s hard to eat just one, so it’s a good thing these come in an extra-large jar.

6. Nutritious bites

Popular with parents, Aussie Bites are a healthy option for snacking on the go. Made of organic rolled oats, oat flour and unsalted butter, this super snack also contains flaxseed, dried apricots, sunflower seeds, quinoa and chia seeds. Not only do they taste good, but each one contains 270 milligrams of omega-3s!

7. Handy nuts

Love pistachios but hate shelling them? Costco comes to the rescue with convenient shelled pistachios. In fact, any of the Kirkland-brand packaged nuts are a great deal when compared to other stores’ price points.

8. Muffins for every occasion

Costco’s giant bakery muffins are sold by the dozen and available in a variety of flavors. The chocolate chunk offers a dense cake-like consistency and is perfect for playdate or coffee date snacking. Customers say that these muffins freeze well and can be warmed in the microwave.

9. Indulgent chocolates 

Delicious dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Sander’s chocolates are the perfect indulgent treat. Bonus: They are sold as a two-pack, so you won’t run out! 

10. Protein snacks

Protein bars are a popular snack or supplement, but boy are they pricey. Kirkland signature protein bars are gluten-free and offer around 20 grams of protein each (depending on the flavor). Once you find your flavor, you won’t be able to beat the price over other brands.

11. Sweet treats

Roasted almonds enrobed in silky milk chocolate: What’s not to love? Costco’s milk chocolate-covered almonds come in a three-pound jar and keep well, so you can grab a handful when you need a delicious snack.

12. A hot cocoa surprise

These relatively new Marshmallow mug toppers are hand-dipped in chocolate and coated with crushed peppermints. Sip a mug of hot cocoa topped with one on a chilly afternoon for some instant cheer. 

13. A premium-tasting vodka

This vodka is so tasty that it’s rumored to be a repackaged version of popular Grey Goose Vodka. We don’t know if this is actually true, but it doesn’t matter because this vodka offers premium taste at about a third of the cost of name brands. 

14. A bold red wine

Cab lovers swear by Kirkland Signature Rutherford cabernet sauvignon. This bold red from Napa Valley is the perfect wine to sip with dinner and serve your guests at a much lower price point than competitors.

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