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Oprah Names Seattle's Beecher's Mac 'N' Cheese in Her Ultimate Favorite Things 2010

Jen Betterley

Published on: December 30, 2013

Samples of Beecher's World's Best Mac 'N' Cheese

As we all know, everyone loves a delicious helping of  mac 'n' cheese... but it's an entirely different story when Oprah Winfrey loves your mac 'n' cheese!

Earlier today, Oprah announced to the world on her show that Seattle's own Beecher's Handmade Cheese's 'World's Best' Mac 'N' Cheese was one of her absolute Ultimate Favorite Things for 2010.

In honor of their award, Beecher's was giving out free mac 'n' cheese samples in their stores this afternoon and sadly, we missed out on having some of this 'world's best' deliciousness. But all is not lost! This Oprah Winfrey-deemed best ever mac 'n' cheese is available to purchase in the freezer section of most local grocery stores... And! We happened to find a 2007 recipe for it posted on the Seattle P.I.'s website. Though we already make a mean homemade mac 'n' cheese that seems to be quite the crowd pleaser with the little ones, there's no way that we can pass up trying to make Seattle's very best. If Oprah claims it's the best, how can we not?

Stay tuned later this month for an upcoming post on when we take on Beecher's own 'World's Best' Mac 'N' Cheese, it's just too tempting and also a fantastic excuse to make this cheesy-delicious meal that everyone in our home already loves.

Congratulations, Beecher's! You are officially the maker of the 'world's best' mac 'n' cheese!

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