ParentMap, January 2015 Issue

Published on: December 22, 2014

The new year offers all of us the opportunity to learn, grow, and better influence our loved ones. Our health trends issue kicks off 2015 with inspired and practical content for you and your family’s mind and body nourishment.

Could you possibly travel with kids in tow to Costa Rica for a cultural adventure and Spanish lessons? Sí, senorita! Learn all about language-learning vacations and plan your adventure! 

Also, don't miss our new Ask the Experts series, which invites top health and development specialists to respond to your most burning parenting questions and challenges. We kick off the column with resolutions-themed hot topics: social media use and chores.

May your new year be full of meaningful aspirations and adventures! 

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Ages & Stages:
0–5: Overprescribing Antibiotics to Kids

6–10: Athletic Clubs for Kids: Fun Fitness Craze or Just Plain Crazy?

11–14: Weight Worries and Body Image Secrets

15–18: E-Cigarette Dangers

Someone You Should Know:
Julie Metzger, AKA 'Puberty Lady'

12 Products to Prevent, Treat and Soothe During Cold and Flu Season

Ask the Experts: 
Experts weigh in on Teens & Social Media and Helping Kids Cheerfully do Chores

6 Important Health Trends for Your Family in 2015

Out & About: 
Language-Learning Vacations in Central America

January Play List: 5 Ways to Beat the Drizzle

Publisher's Note

Brain Fuel: Parent News, Snack-Sized

Voice: When Cancer Called

Special Series: 
After-School Special: Training Up to Help Kids



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