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12 Self-Care Products To Get You Through the Winter

Cozy slippers, happy lamps, diffusers and more to help you de-stress during the pandemic

Vicky McDonald

Published on: November 05, 2020

12 Self-Care Products To Get You Through the Winter

HappyLight from Amazon

Make every day seem a little brighter

Brighten up your space

We all need a vacation, and the evenings are getting darker and the mornings are just plain gloomy. Add some instant light to your life with this Happy Light. This compact light therapy lamp is perfect for a subtle pick-me-up as you go about your day. Set it beside your desk or your bed and bask in 10,000 lux of bright light and pretend you’re at the beach.

Upgrade you reading light

Reading a good old-fashioned book is soothing for the soul. It takes you away from the news and helps immerse you in a different world — far from the pandemic and current political tensions. Reading late at night can be hard on your eyes though. Make things easier for yourself with this nifty reading light which has three color temperature modes and three brightness levels so you can choose one depending on your mood. 

Relieve any tension 

While we’re at it, holding a book can also be a strain on your arms and shoulders but this simple but genius book seat will allow you to lie back in bed or relax in the bath and read your book without causing any extra stress to your body. Sign me up! 

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