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12 Self-Care Products To Get You Through the Winter

Cozy slippers, happy lamps, diffusers and more to help you de-stress during the pandemic

Vicky McDonald

Published on: November 05, 2020

12 Self-Care Products To Get You Through the Winter

Slippers from L.L.Bean

Make every day feel a little cozier

Slip into some comfy slippers

Cozy feet are happy feet! These plush moccasins from L.L.Bean are a favorite with New York Times editors and are the perfect slipper for lounging about the house. 

Don an amazing robe

Feel like a majestic bear in this impressive faux fur robe from Alexander Del Rossa. Bonus feature: It’s got ears, so the kids will get a kick out of it every time you put up the hood!   According to one Amazon purchaser, “it has the warmth of a big fleece robe with the feel of some regal mofo from Winterfell.” Now I bet you want it even more! 

Enjoy a silky smooth sleep 

Falling into a bed after a long day is always restorative but you can take that relaxation up a notch with these blissfully smooth silk pillowcases. Not only are these pillowcases recommended for dry hair, but they can keep your complexion looking good. So, if you want to sleep like a baby and wake up with baby-soft skin, these pillowcases might be for you. 

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