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Three good reasons to have a barbecue

Published on: December 30, 2013

Vegetarians, avert your eyes; this here is about beef. Specifically, beef of the ground and circular variety, grilled over fire. Once in a great while, I hanker for a good burger. Hey - that's what all those workouts are for.

So the press release from the State Beef Commission got my attention. Apparently, researchers have conducted a three-state "grilling study," which involved people keeping "grilling diaries." My first question was: How much does this job pay, and where do I apply?

But then I got to the upshot of the study, and here it is: Grilling beef is essential to our very well-being!

I'll let the beef folks explain:

"A variety of psychological reactions to grilling food surfaced during a consumer study last summer in Denver, Chicago and Tampa, Fla. Participants kept grilling diaries and talked about their sensory responses to grilling food, especially beef. The study was funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, a market development fund that Washington state beef producers pay into.

Among the most common findings about feelings tied to grilling foods:

• Grilling creates a sense of harmony and togetherness (beef feng shui?).

• Grilling is a way to express culture or personality, through the use of ethnic flavors, favorite cuts, secret ingredients and pride in grilling skills (and, presumably, apron style).

• Grilling represents freedom, relaxation and enjoyment of being outdoors (cue the gazelles)."

And you thought it was just about the killer noms!                                                  Like my bike?

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