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8 Hot Family Destinations for 2014 (and Tips on How to Get There)

Is realizing a family dream vacation tops on your resolution list this year? To help you make the dream reality, we've gathered some ideas for where to point your wanderlust and travel tips and tools to help you get you there — strategies that have helped my family travel far and wide in recent years.

First, here are nine up-and-coming family destinations that are particularly appealing in 2014. (What's on your dream list? Tell us in comments!)

Mothers & Daughters in Croatia


Croatia has seen its far share of hard times, but the war is long over and travelers are flocking to the natural beauty of Croatia’s beaches, forests and ancient cities. If you have always wanted to visit Italy, but aren’t ready to take on the crowds and expenses, head to Croatia, where tourists tend to visit a handful of places, but haven’t overrun the country … yet.


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