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7 Unexpected but Useful Products for Families at Costco 

Budget-friendly toys, clothes, garden supplies and more

Vicky McDonald

Published on: March 05, 2021


Shopping at Costco is always an adventure. You go in hoping to pick up some essentials such as toilet paper and you somehow end up coming home with a 10-foot kayak. It’s that weird thing where they hook you in by offering you something completely unexpected that you suddenly think you need. Apart from kayaks and sports equipment though, Costco does have a lot of budget-friendly stuff that families may actually need. We took a look at some good deals on unexpected items at Costco that you might want to pick up. 

1. Themed kids' clothes

Kids love seeing their favorite TV and movie characters on their clothes, but the addition of a Disney character often makes a simple T-shirt a lot more costly. Costco often offers some cool sets featuring your kid’s favorites such as "Paw Patrol," "Frozen," "Avengers" and more for a very reasonable price. 

2. Eddie Bauer for the whole family

Eddie Bauer is available in Costco and often at a really good price. Get the kids kitted out with some sweet and cozy sleepwear, get yourself a decent coat, get some new bed linens for your bedroom or even get a tent! 

3. Toys

If your kid is an avid builder, they will love all the Magformers and Lego sets available at Costco. Some of the sets, such as this fire rescue set, are a really good value right now. 

4. A chicken coop 

If you have ever thought of keeping chickens, spring is a great time to get started. Think of it as a new animal caretaking project for the family, with the added benefit of fresh organic eggs. This palatial coop with a view would be a nice feature piece in your backyard.  

5. Raised garden beds

Speaking of backyards, Costco also has a great selection of raised beds. Veggie gardening is a whole lot easier with raised beds. Our article about starting a vegetable garden with kids has some good tips to get you started. 

6. Art supplies 

Got a budding artist in the house? This set contains 143 pieces, comes in a wooden display box and should provide hours of creative fun.  

7. A fancy play house

This adorable play house is a major splurge, but it would make an awesome birthday gift that will hopefully last for years. 

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