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Video: Kids, Teens + Technology

Published on: October 14, 2013




Kids, Teens + Technology

Teaching teens about digital citizenshipQ&A with national cyber-safety expert Katie LeClerc Greer
From cyber-bullying to sexting, it is all too easy for our kids to get drawn into trouble online, often with serious long-term consequences.

Katie Greer is a pioneer in children's cyber-safety and national expert on the fast-changing digital world as experienced by today's youth.

In this video interview, parents will learn concrete strategies to manage access to social media, teach the importance of privacy and tackle tough conversations.

Greer's goal is help kids/teens across the nation become smart, responsible digital citizens. Topics covered in the video include:

  • Guidelines for the safe use of social networks by tweens and teens
  • Recommended family policies for use of technology at home
  • Trends in cyber bullying
  • Latest trends in use of social apps
  • Tools available to parents to keep abreast of emerging social media apps and trends
  • The risks of geo-targeting and geo-tracking smartphone apps
  • And more

Katie GreerAbout Katie LeClerc Greer
Greer is a pioneer in children’s cyber-safety and a nationally recognized expert on the fast-changing digital world as experienced by today’s youth.

She has served as the Director of Internet Safety at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and Intelligence Analyst with the Massachusetts State Police. She is now an advisor to and presents at schools, law enforcement agencies, national conferences and community organizations across the country on the safe use of technology.



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