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21 Acres Farm Walk

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Join us for a casual walk on the farm to visit our young chickens and goats. These chicks, and goat brothers Lucky and Skippy, are an important part of our approach to regenerative agriculture as they provide valuable ecosystem services. Learn more about our farm as we collect eggs and help feed our feathered working team.

The 21 Acres farm is fully committed to soil restoration and sequestering carbon through the most regenerative practices. By incorporating farm animals in production planning and taking a holistic approach to land management, small farms provide hope for effective solutions to climate challenges.

Held on the second and fourth Saturday from May through October at 11:00 a.m., the walk takes approximately 45 minutes. No reservation needed, simply check in at the 21 Acres lobby upstairs when you arrive. Free and open to all ages. Bring the kids and the grandparents! Remember to wear farm appropriate footwear. Come enjoy the farm with us!

Event Details