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10 Affordable Summer Adventures With Kids

Four playgrounds, three campgrounds, two train adventures and one ferry ride

Published on: June 28, 2018

Cute summer kid

Easy, epic summer fun on the fly!

Enjoy the following excerpt from ParentMap’s upcoming book, “52 Seattle Adventures With Kids.” Learn more.

It’s July. How are you doing on that summer bucket list? Or perhaps you’ve banished the phrase “summer bucket list” and all it suggests about our seasonal push to fit it all in and do too much of, well, everything. There’s a movement afoot, we’ve noticed: Instead of reserving campsites nine months in advance and booking every summer weekend solid, people are talking about slowness and spontaneity.  

After all, improv is fun. And because we live in the most glorious place to be during the summer (I’ve fact-checked this, so I know), spontaneous fun can be just as memorable as the precisely planned version. 

That’s what this July package is about. We’ve uncovered some of the best flexible summer adventures around Puget Sound. Whether your family wants to slow it down or pack it in, plan in advance or procrasti-camp, here’s a mix of easy escapes and outings that you’ll want to add to your nonexistent bucket list. Click through for more.

— Elisa Murray, editor of “52 Seattle Adventures With Kids”

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